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Cardiac Rehab

PhysioStep LXT


Yo Yo Ma & PhysioStep

After open-heart surgery last year, the cardiac rehabilitation team at my hospital recommended an exercise program involving a minimum of 30 minutes of continuous exercise five days per week. Due to an array of knee and leg ailments, walking is difficult so I decided to purchased a PhisioStep LTX and now use it accordingly. Use of the PhisioStep, along with a cheap boom-box and some Frank Zappa and Yo Yo Ma discs was a great move; indeed something to which I look forward as a matter of daily routine. Among other things, it has kept my cardiologist off my back and, in addition to regaining my health, I'm re-learning some of the obscene songs of my youth and a new appreciation for Bach.




Helpful Movement

We have enjoyed using the HCI "eTrainer" for the past five days. Rich has Parkinson's disease and finds the assisted arm/leg movement very helpful. The equipment well engineered and designed. Thank you for getting the "eTrainer"shipped to us so quickly.

Grammy Stepper

PhysioStep LXT


I Love my PhysioStep!

Almost two years ago I had a life-threatening health crisis. During my recovery at a rehabilitation hospital I used a recumbent stepper and realized that a machine like this at my home could save my life. So I purchased a PhysioStep. In spite of many health problems I have used my stepper 3 to 6 days a week almost every week. This exercise has greatly increased the strength of my legs in spite of my arthritic and damaged knees. I tried to use a recumbent bicycle in rehab, but that motion hurt my knees. - the PhysioStep avoids that problem. I have lost 61 pounds since I started using my stepper and only have 10 more lb. to lose to be able to have knee replacement surgery. I am sure my PhysioStep will be a fantastic help in my recovery after surgery. I love my PhysioStep!!!

SeniorFit Center

PhysioStep MDX


Something For Everyone

All of us in the fitness center here at Kensington Place in Columbus, Ohio want to thank HCI Fitness. We got the HCI MDX recumbent elliptical cross trainer for our senior fitness facility and all of us love it here at Kensington Place. The swivel seat is a key for us and the ability to plug in the machine is also very important for this age group. Now we have a recumbent bike that will not go off if one is pedaling slow. The MDX works for all populations in senior fitness and it complements our existing line of products in our facility. It works perfect for any senior of varying health conditions. There is something for everyone to use now when they come in our SeniorFit center. Thanks again for such great customer service! Margaret H.-Fitness Director at SeniorFit Kensington Place


PhysioStep LXT


Good Buy!

Bought the PhysioStep LXT after my sister recommended it to me, and glad I did! It is a great total body workout and I enjoy the feel of the elliptical motion so much more than my recumbent bike. I try to use it 3 times a week and can feel the difference already. One thing I really like is that the display screen is big and I can even read it without my glasses. I would recommend this to a friend.

Big Bill

PhysioStep MDX


Motorcycle Recovery

After a motorcycle accident left me paralyzed from my head down moving or feeling my body was impossible to state the lease. In therapy I was able to transfer from my wheelchair to the PhysioStep MDX's adjustable seat. The PhysioStep helped me to regain strength in my arms as well as my legs and for the first time since I've been in the accident and confined to the wheelchair with hard work on the PhysioStep I was able to walk again. I walked for the first time over five yards. And now I have a PhysioStep MDX at home!

Ron M.

PhysioStep MDX


Really Nice Machine

Let me start by saying that this is a Really Nice Machine. Before buying this I researched all similar machines and read all the reviews I could find everywhere. I have to say that I almost didn't buy because of some of the reviews I read and have now found out for myself that they must have been outright lies. This was bought for my wife that has advanced secondary progressive MS and she loves it & needed this badly as her body was getting real bad from losing muscle and from not being able to walk at all. Her heart would race just from getting to of bed. She is now starting her program and is very hopeful.

As for the assembly, it was a piece of cake! Anyone can assemble this machine. Even came with all the tools you need to do the job. Packaging was the best I’ve seen ever and the box it came in was much smaller than I expected.

The motion of this machine is fluid like and VERY Smooth and quite. I highly recommend this machine and this company! The customer service representatives were the best and I couldn't ask for better! Thanks again for the Great machine and for your caring help.

Missy T.

Motorized UBE Table



This table is AMAZING! It took less than 1 hour to assemble and all the tools needed were included. The motor is really quiet and the table adjusts very smoothly via remote control. After having the manually adjustable table for a few months, HealthCare International, Inc. upgraded the table to this motorized one and delivered it the NEXT DAY! WOW! The customer service support is absolutely top notch. I am blown away by the helpfulness and integrity of this company.

If you need a table for your ergometer, I highly recommend this one! The manual table is also really great, but the motorized version is ideal.

Joe the Golfer



Great UBE!

I recently had rotator cuff surgery and needed an upper body ergometer for my rehab training at home. I used a Monark 881Rehab Trainer at the PT clinic and loved it, but needed a more affordable one for my home. I went with the PhysioTrainer for a couple of reasons, one was the great price and the other was that it did everything the more expensive units did. Initially I purchased the PhysioTrainer for upper body exercise but now my wife uses it as a leg exerciser while watching TV. It is extremely quiet and it does not interfere with our conversation or the TV. The product arrived via UPS in great shape and well packaged. It was completely assembled except for the monitor. The attachment screws were already in the monitor so there was no chance of losing them in shipment. From start to finish, it took me 10 minutes. In addition, this may be a minor point but one of the best features was the tilting display. It really comes in handy being able to adjust the angle of the monitor for the best viewing position.

Needless to say we were are very happy with this product and have already recommended it to our friends.

Ruth H.

PhysioStep LTD


Super Exerciser

This is one super exerciser. I had some trouble assembling because I am not too handy, but their customer service was very patient and helped get it right. I e-mailed them several times, because the manual was not very clear in how to make some of the adjustments, but they were really helpful. I am just starting to use the levels, but I am confident that I will find every step works perfectly. This may not be the top of the line such as Nu-Step, having used that one in re-hab I find the HCI Fitness well worth the money, and have even told some of my friends they should get "with the program", and use this exerciser. Particularly where my disability prevents me from using the stand-up elliptical.

Norman R.

PhysioStep HXT


Received shipment earlier than expected. All in good shape. Product was all I expected. Very happy. Would recommend to any one wanting a good workout.


PhysioStep LXT


Great Rehab Stepper

For anyone looking to purchase this machine I would highly recommend it and say that although it is not inexpensive can you really put a price tag on your health and wellness.

I am currently in a wheelchair awaiting knee replacement operations for both knees as I have no cartilage left in either knee. I wanted a machine that would strengthen my legs, core and upper body during the workout. I don't want to go into my first knee operation with no strength as I want my recovery to be as quick as possible.

I must say the Physiostep LXT is delivering what I expected and more. After just a couple of 20 minute workouts I felt stretched out in the legs and stronger. I have been using it daily and am up to 25 minutes at a time. I am even able to walk short distances with my cane just to ensure my body doesn't forget how to walk.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an overall fitness machine that really works. It is also quiet and the learning curve was very short about 15 minutes to really get the rhythm of using the arms and legs. I will also be able to use this machine for my recovery after the knee operation as it is easy to get on and the stride is not to compressed. I find it fun to work out on this machine and that's important if I'm going to keep using it.

Caryle K.

PhysioStep MDX


Elliptical Trainer Helps Even Us Old Folks

The Elliptical trainer is very easy to use & convenient for those who are approaching 80. It was recommended by my husband's therapist.

Nanker P.

PhysioStep LTD


Pro-grade Equipment at a Reasonable Price

The PhysioStep LTD arrived on schedule. It was extremely well packed. Much of it was pre-assembled and the directions were clear on how to complete assembly. I assembled it by myself in about 90 minutes. Although the electronics are fairly intuitive I'm still learning the ins and outs of the great variety of capabilities.

The build quality and materials are first rate. The machine has a good, solid feel to it that makes me believe it will last for years. It provides a terrific workout, allowing me to burn roughly twice the calories in 30 minutes as I was burning on my treadmill and it's easier on back and knees.


PhysioStep MDX


Great Fitness Tool

I have two artificial hips and a tower in my back but I can still keep my legs fit by sitting on this everyday. I love that I'm exercising yet though I can't walk long lengths I can exercise and strengthen my legs. Although I do not like the arm cisers as they are way to far back on the bike so I took them off. This was an excellent investment.

Company Response

HCI Fitness has since reengineered the arm length on the PhysioStep MDX to have a wider range of adjustment, providing users with a more natural and comfortable feel.


PhysioStep MDX


very well built, easy to assemble. awesome, stable and quiet

This is an extremely well built product.
Goes together in a jiffy.
Very solid and stable.
Quiet and smooth in operation. Very, very nice product.




Well made product

Well made. Works as well as the one at the gym. No problems at all.

Jon B.



Great for rehab or general exercise

Recovering from triple-bypass open heart surgery, I got to use a high-end version of this ergonometer at rehab. Since heart-surgery patients aren't supposed to lift anything heavy for a while, my arms were just hanging there for months, muscle-atrophy setting in. This exercise is a great way to bring the arms 'back to life' without any heavy lifting. The hospital rehab version no doubt costs a few thousand dollars, the HCI Fitness model cost under $500. Yet it seems comparable and does the job. I do at least 15 to 20 minutes a day on this while watching television. The TV is a nice distraction so you don't focus on the built-in timer, it's actually pleasant to use and will make your arms toned, whether you're a recovering heart patient, or are just looking for a good way to move those arms and get the benefits. The adjustable resistance is a plus and the unit is completely silent in operation. I have had this only three months but see no reason it won't serve me for years to come. By the way, the pedals have straps to also exercise the legs, but I use this only for my arms, I have an exercise bike for the legs.


PhysioStep LXT


Great Product & Better Price

I have been using this machine for a few months. I was in rehab for my knee. I used the NuStep for which I liked but could not afford spending 4k. I found this product on FitnessZone.com. The staff was very helpful and even assembled it upstairs in my home. The LifeStep is a great buy and fits my needs very well! Joan S.


PhysioStep LXT


Muscle Strengthening

This specific type of apparatus was recommended by by my wife's physical therapist in order to maintain her present level of strength which is diminished due to peripheral neuropathy. The trainer arrived in perfect shape. It required some assembly and it works well. It is heavy, so plan on some strong help if it needs to go upstairs. However, it rolls easily on a level surface in spite of it's weight. I would rate both the HCI Physiostep LXT and her satisfaction level as excellent.

Francisco O.

Hydrualic UBE Table


Four Stars!

Great Product would buy again!!




Benefit of Movement

The E trainer works extremely well for our population. I am the Director of an Adult Day Center in Sun City AZ. We work with members that have moderate to severe Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia. The E-trainer has settings that allow someone who has forgotten how to peddle to still get the benefit of the movement. We try to get most of our population on the E-trainer each day. Because of the E-trainer we have reduced the number of falls that we have had at our Program. This is a well-built piece of equipment and the company has been awesome at helping us keep our equipment running smoothly!

Chicago Ann

PhysioStep HXT


Knee and Back Problems

HCI PhysioStep HXT - This bike is so similar to the bike I used in rehab. I love it would recommend to anyone who had knee replacement or back problems. The company's customer service is outstanding.

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