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MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs
MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs
MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs
MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs
MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs
MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs
MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs

MOTOmed USA muvi Active and Passive Trainer with Simultaneous Arms and Legs

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MOTOmed muvi

Leg and/or arm/upper body trainer with simultaneous movement

Independently control mode and settings for upper and lower body


muvi SKU: 300.000

Manufacture: RECK MOTOmed

muvi Simultaneous movement therapy

The unique MOTOmed muvi feature enables leg and arm training at the same time. For the first time it is possible to train both areas simultaneously. The passive or active training, the movement speed and the resistance level for legs and arms can be adjusted separately for simultaneous movement. Consequently, the legs can be engaged in passive training while the user moves actively with the arms at the same time. Depending on the indication, simultaneous movement can improve the therapy effect and reduces the therapy time. 

With the high quality Health-Care product MOTOmed muvi RECK Medizintechnik reacts to the current requests of modern future-orientated investment concepts from medical agencies.:

  • All used materials can be disinfected
  • Horizontal, vertical and radial adjustment can be set without tools
  • Different handles, which close with a safety bracket fast and safely and which can be changed without tools 

muvi Usability – simple operation

The color touch screen is conceived in detail for the medical use:

  • Glare protection Anti-Glare-Effect 
  • Low perspective dependence (best legibility)
  • Resistive touch (light contact doesn`t activate an unwanted action)
  • The screen is suitable for a wipe disinfection
  • Well readable: the presentation on the screen is large and clearly arranged
  • Tactile, enhanced buttons
  • Therapy programs
  • Games and videos
  • Slideshow

muvi Standard Features

  • leg and arm/upper body trainer, possibility of simultaneous training
  • color/touch display (12.1")
  • plastic coated safety foot shells, handle bar and arm/upper body trainer
  • handle bar and arm/upper body trainer can be rotated and adjusted vertically and horizontally
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem
  • speed regulation from 1 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • preset the therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • soft start and stop
  • two-stage pedal radius adjustment (7.0 and 12.5 cm/2.8 and 4.9 in)
  • mobile with big castors (15.0 cm/5.9 in diameter)
  • whisper quiet, gentle and harmonious cycling movement
  • all-metal design, top quality and stability with telescopic foot
  • Therapy and motivation programs
  • Training programs & Games
  • Slideshow via USB (delivered without USB stick)
  • color: black/white (RAL 9010)

MOTOmed Muvi Adjustments



Unit Dimensions (LWH)

 95-108 x 60 x 124-135 cm 

37.4"-42.5" x  23.6" x 48.8" to 53"

Unit Weight  51 kg / 112 lbs
Maximum User Weight 135 kg / 297 lbs
Screen Size 12.1“ / 30.48 cm
Power Supply 100-240 V~ / max. 120 VA
Power Frequency 47-63 Hz
Material All-All Metal Construction
SKU / Order Number 300.000


Foot Insertion Aid

The insertion aid function facilitates the insertion of the feet into the foot shells before the start of the training. Using a button on the operating panel, the user can move the foot shells continuously into the appropriate position.


If muscle cramp, spasticity or movement blockage (freezing) occurs during training, this function stops the pedal movement. It does not matter how the basic muscle tension changes; the MovementProtector does not remain constant, but automatically adapts to any change. As a result, it always remains optimally sensitive. This function is implemented in all MOTOmed models through a sensitive sensor system.


This function works closely with MovementProtector and can loosen and release detected spasms or cramps. The basis for the development of such a function is the following therapeutic principle: bending spasm is loosened by stretching and stretching spasm by bending. The automatic change of direction of rotation through the SpasmControl program can loosen the cramps detected by the movement protection. If a spasm occurs, the motor gently stops the crank movement. Legs and arms are relieved and the direction of rotation is switched following a brief resting period. This process is repeated until the spasm is relieved.


Similar to a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, the MOTOmed function ServoCycling (leg training) or ServoTurning (arm training) supports users in performing their active movement. The function enables the person exercising to perform an active movement even with the lowest inherent forces. Residual muscle strength can be recognized and built up without overstraining efforts.


The SymmetryTraining function unfolds its beneficial effect when it comes to specifically strengthening the weaker side. The display of the function differs depending on the model. In MOTOmed viva2, MOTOmed gracile12 and MOTOmed letto2 models, a two-scale diagram shows the users how much strength they exert with the left and the right body half. On the MOTOmed muvi as well as the MOTOmed loop edition and MOTOmed layson edition models, this function is displayed with an animated figure. Based on this graphic display, the users can target their "weaker" side of the body during training. SymmetryTraining prevents overloading of the healthy extremities.

Training analysis

All MOTOmed models provide the user with a variety of training feedback. Training values such as duration, distance, symmetry, total metabolic rate, tone, the average and maximum active performance as well as the active and passive training percentage can be viewed by the user on the screen both in real time during the training and as an overall evaluation after the training.

Optional FES Cycling

Combine the MOTOmed muvi with RehaMove Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). 

RehaMove Brochure

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