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Exclusive USA Distributor for Monark Exercise AB Sport and Medical Testing Ergometers

Exclusive North American Distributor for Monark

Monark ergometers are designed as test and training instruments for performance and health development.

Monark products are based on the same principle as the unique pendulum system that originated from GIH (The Swedish school of sport and health science) and Karolinska (one of the world’s leading medical universities) but with new and improved technology.  A guarantee for accurate and reliable results over time. Over the years, the system has been developed and improved to fit in today's digital world, but always with the possibility for self-control.

Developed to handle the heaviest and most extreme loads, Monark cycle ergometers are designed for demanding testing and training scenarios within sports and medicine. Accurate bike feeling and performance, combined with an easily calibrated and controlled ergometer help to ensure accurate results during every test. 

Sport range

The ergometer has become an important tool for assessing physical work capacity as well as fitness and training conditions. Monark Exercise ergometers have been developed over many years in collaboration with world-class athletes and trainers. Over 100+ years, Monark Exercise has refined and improved our products with today’s technology, developed the system that was introduced in 1954 and already had unique calibration capabilities with high accuracy.

Medical range

Monark Exercise medical products are used by hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the world. The health care and medical field is an industry in constant change, so we put great importance on constantly testing our products. Through close collaboration with several medical research projects and world-class Swedish technology, Monark Exercise products maintain their position as industry standards.

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