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MOTOmed loop Light Display Active and Passive Trainers

• Free Training • 60 RPM • ServoCycling • Spasm Control

Advanced Movement Therapy Features Included on  loop Series 

Assisted Height Adjustment 
The MOTOmed loop series has a hydraulic assisted height adjustment allowing therapists to ensure the best training position for users.



Unique to MOTOmed the ServoCycling setting allows users to more easily change from passive training to active training on their own strength. MOTOmed's ServoCycling is a very motivating tool for deconditioned or weak patients. 

 Symmetry Strength Training

Based on this graphic display, the users can target their "weaker" side of the body during training. SymmetryTraining prevents overloading of the healthy extremities.

Easy Adjust Spasm Control

MOTOmed has the ability to change the spasm control settings as well as disable the spasm control function. 

No Therapy Programs | No Games | No Flywheel Mass Adjustments  



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