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Monark Treadmill - TM
Monark Treadmill - TM
Monark Treadmill - TM
Monark Treadmill - TM
Monark Treadmill - TM
Monark Treadmill - TM
Monark Treadmill - TM

Monark Treadmill - TM

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Monark TM (Monark Treadmill Medical) The perfect companion for rehabilitation therapy. Experience the Monark Feeling: Unparalleled Wellness and Performance

Customizable configuration: Monark TM treadmills come in various configurations to suit your specific medical needs. Choose from different widths, speeds, inclinations, and display options.

Precision control: Achieve precise control over your rehabilitation sessions with adjustable speed and inclination settings. Tailor each session to your patient’s unique needs.

Patient safety: Safety is of paramount importance in medical environments. Monark TM treadmills feature handles and advanced safety features to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for patients.

Robust construction: Built for durability, Monark TM treadmills are designed to meet the demands of medical use while maintaining optimal performance.

Monark TM (Monark Treadmill Medical) treadmills can accommodate a wide variety of patient types. Zero start speed with increments of 0.1 mph, combined with a slat-belt deck without friction and low impact, creates a natural walking experience for your rehabilitation patients.


Benefit from real-time biofeedback functions through integrated sensors.

The Monark TS can measure parameters such as:
Step length (left/right)
Step cycle time
Stride length

Data recording is available for gait & motion analysis, providing comprehensive
insights into your training performance.

Various handrail and function options available. 

Item Code Treadmill Option 
500120 Increase Top Speed to 18.5 MPH
500122 0% to 25% Incline
500122 B -3% to 25% Incline
500123 Bariatric 701 lbs Max User Weight Capacity
500124 Reverse Belt Direction
500125 Additional Emergency Stop
500125 Safety Switch Off