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Monark Treadmill - TS
Monark Treadmill - TS
Monark Treadmill - TS
Monark Treadmill - TS
Monark Treadmill - TS
Monark Treadmill - TS

Monark Treadmill - TS

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The Monark TS (Treadmill Sport) has been developed specifically for high-performance athletes who require a robust, advanced slat-belt treadmill for their daily training. The slat-belt technology provides the best ergonomic running experience with minimal impact on the joints. No slippage, a top speed up to 18.5 mph (30 km/h) and biofeedback functions make training on the Monark TS a true experience.

At Monark Sports and Medical, we pride ourselves on delivering innovation and excellence in sports science, health, and rehabilitation. Our new treadmills are a testament to our commitment to quality and robustness. Monark ergometers are well-known for their unique cycling feeling, and we are thrilled to have found a treadmill range that will give our users the same unique feeling but now on a Monark treadmill.

Customized for Sports: Monark TS treadmills are engineered to meet the exacting standards of sports training. Choose the setup that suits your sport, whether it’s track and field, endurance sports, or interval training.

The slat-belt running surface technology on Monark TM and TS treadmills offers an unparalleled gait experience for individuals undergoing rehabilitation and those engaged in rigorous training. This technology also provides exceptional precision for gait analysis, making it the preferred choice of many health and fitness professionals.

Monark treadmills are built upon the foundation of a unique slat-belt running surface, the s²ap®. The advantages of slat belts over traditional conveyor-type treadmill belts are evident in their ability to absorb impact during foot strikes, delivering a significantly more comfortable and natural gait training experience.


Benefit from real-time biofeedback functions through integrated sensors.

The Monark TS can measure parameters such as:
Step length (left/right)
Step cycle time
Stride length

Data recording is available for gait & motion analysis, providing comprehensive
insights into your training performance.

Various handrail and function options available. 

Item Code Treadmill Option 
500120 Increase Top Speed to 18.5 MPH
500122 0% to 25% Incline
500122 B -3% to 25% Incline
500123 Bariatric 701 lbs Max User Weight Capacity
500124 Reverse Belt Direction
500125 Additional Emergency Stop
500125 Safety Switch Off