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Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800
Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800
Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800
Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800
Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800
Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800

Monark LC6 NOVO DUO Cycle Ergometer - MAX WATTS 2800

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LC6 Novo Duo - Now with 14kp - Max Watts 2800

LC6 Novo Duo is a smart ergometer, that communicates either wireless or via cable. Covering all the needs the user might have. Choose to communicate with your ergometer trough BLE, ANT+ USB-B. Regardless your LC6 will give you the accuracy and the real bike feel, that the Monark ergometers are known for.
The robust frame together with the heavy flywheel creates an unbelievable bike feel. Monark’s unique pendulum system makes your LC6 easy to calibrate and makes sure that your values from this measurement are fully comparable to your next session. All together it makes LC6 the perfect ergometer for testing, training and education.

The perfect ergometer for physiological tests and is the obvious choice for any research laboratory, where accuracy and repeatability are essential. The LC6 Novo Duo is equipped with the Novo Duo control system which guaranties a very fast and accurate adjustment of the resistance. The resistance can either be RPM dependent or RPM independent. The LC6 Novo Duo can be used as stand-alone ergometer or be controlled by an external system like a metabolic cart or a computer. The new double pendulum system provides you with Monark’s unmatched calibrations which guaranties accurate and reliable data.  The New LC6 Novo Duo now features a double pendulum which gives you a max of 14kp and 2800 Watts




The Novo Duo - Monark's new and improved display! With advanced connectivity options, cross-platform compatibility, and four unique connection modes, it's time to revolutionize your workouts.  Elevate your fitness journey with the Novo Duo by Monark Sports & Medical. Are you ready to take the challenge?

The Monark LC6 NOVO DUO can Connect to Metabolic Carts and run custom protocols!


Monark Sports and Medical


The Monark brand was founded over a century ago then we developed bicycles and in 1954 the first ergometer was produced with the unique Monark calibration method, the same unique system is still being used in our products today.

Through the years, Monark Exercise established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of ergometers for testing and training. Among our users we find anyone from Olympic medalists to rehabilitation patients around the world, our products are retailed in over 70 countries worldwide.

Trusted Accuracy 

Research Grade Ergometer 

In 1954 the first pendulum ergometer was developed in Sweden. The genius but simple mechanical solution that was invented is still being used on Monark products today and provides incomparable control and accuracy. This model has since then, been the norm for measuring on bike and research in physiology throughout the world

External Control 

Connect to Metabolic Test Software via USB or RS232 to control the ergometer and collect data. 

Monark Test Software Included

NOVO DUO Smart Display

With the new control unit we have secured future platform for Monark Ergometers. Connections that are compatible with the most common ECG, Spirometers and other external analysis equipment.

Connects via ANT+/BTE

Perfect Fit Frame

Adjustable Seat Post

Adjustable Handlebar

Adjustable Q-Factor

mm measurements