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RECK MOTOmed Warranty Policy - HealthCare International

HealthCare International offers a warranty on material and manufacturing faults of 12 months parts on RECK MOTOmed devices valid as of day of delivery when purchased domestically from HealthCare International or
1. The parts are not damaged due to normal wear and tear.
2. Repairs have only been effected by personnel authorized by the
HealthCare International.
3. Only RECK parts have been fitted to and used with the MOTOmed
Device – no modifications have been made.
4. The MOTOmed Device has been used in accordance with the
instructions and safety precautions listed in the instruction
manual and has not been used inappropriately.
5. The failure is not due to wanton destruction, abuse, neglect,
improper maintenance or unapproved modifications.
6. The warranty claim has been asserted within the fixed period of
time and on presentation of a receipt which certifies the purchase
of the MOTOmed Device.