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MOTOmed USA - In-bed Cycling Active and Passive Trainer
MOTOmed USA - In-bed Cycling Active and Passive Trainer
MOTOmed USA - In-bed Cycling Active and Passive Trainer
MOTOmed USA - In-bed Cycling Active and Passive Trainer
MOTOmed USA - In-bed Cycling Active and Passive Trainer

MOTOmed USA - In-bed Cycling Active and Passive Trainer

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Supine Leg or arm/upper body trainer with Expandable Chassis expandable chassis SKU: 261.130

Manufacture: RECK MOTOmed

Latest technology requiring only very little space

The MOTOmed is a versatile medical device that provides patients in intensive care units, critical care and early rehabilitation with passive, motor-assisted and active training of the legs as well as the arms and upper body.

Thanks to height adjustment and intuitive handling, the MOTOmed can be easily and effortlessly adapted to the individual needs of patients. With its freely rotatable castors and the help of the optionally available expandable chassis, the MOTOmed can be easily and flexibly moved to the patient's bed and positioned in a space-saving manner. The centrally operated 4-point ground fixation enables a stable stand. When training the lower extremities, the "TrainCare" with plastic-coated leg guides, available as an accessory and individually adjustable on both sides, ensures a secure hold of the legs and prevents overstretching or locking of the knee joints. The "knee bending adjustment" allows the bending and extension of the knee and hip joints to be precisely adjusted individually. Even during training, adjustments can be made.

Excellent design and intuitive usability

The MOTOmed impresses with its unique user-friendly design. Orange-colored operating elements clearly show users where settings can be made. This means that the MOTOmed can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of the user in a safe manner and in just a few steps. The option of therapy modes as well as pre-installed therapy programs enable effective training, which can be performed safely and independently thanks to the "MovementProtector" with adaptive "SpasmControl".

The large color touch display makes it easy to set programs and training parameters. During the training session, users receive information about the current training via various biofeedback displays, and at the end of the training session the evaluation is clearly displayed there. The handling of the 7'' color touch display is intuitive and easy to understand, so that training can be started quickly and without complications.

With the removable operating panel, users can follow their training success themselves and make settings independently.

The MOTOmed next generation models offer special added value: During training, digital photos from family and friends or memories of special moments can be virtually experienced with the MOTOmed slideshow. Looking at the pictures gives movement therapy an additional, emotional value.

Thanks to the modern hygiene concept, which enables optimal disinfection, the MOTOmed can be effectively and efficiently integrated into everyday clinical and nursing routine.

  • Therapy programs
  • Games and videos
  • Slideshow

Standard Features

  • Plastic-coated safety foot shells with disinfectable fastening straps and quick release system (pair, incl. pedal cranks)
  • Plastic-coated handles with quick release system (pair)
  • Gas spring support for height adjustment
  • Selectable parallel chassis or expandable chassis with ground fixation
  • Knee bending adjustment incl. adjustment wheel
  • Colour touch display (7"), rotatable, inclinable*²
  • Quick release system for foot shells and handles*¹
  • Pedal radius: 7 cm
  • Sturdy metal construction, high quality and stable
  • Closed plastic body (PC/ABS), easy to clean and disinfect
  • Easily movable with large castors (Ø 7.5 cm)
  • Centrally operated 4-point ground fixation
  • (Serial interface), USB interface
  • Plastic-coated transport handle
  • Patient remote control
  • Color: white/chrome/black/orange

Intensive Care ICU / Early Mobilization

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Improvement of rehabilitation and quality of life of intensive care patients

Mobilization as early as possible is the basis for a successful rehabilitation process and in many cases leads to an earlier transfer from the intensive care unit and subsequent discharge from the hospital. Scientists are currently working on the development of standards and guidelines for early mobilization. In this context, the motor-driven MOTOmed Movement Therapy in supine position plays a major role.

With regular use, joint mobility can be maintained and blood circulation and metabolism can be activated. In addition, MOTOmed Movement Therapy represents a natural decubitus and thrombosis prophylaxis. Initial scientific findings also indicate earlier weaning from ventilation (weaning) through the use of MOTOmed Movement Therapy in supine position.

The use of a MOTOmed layson edition model enables a recumbent, possibly comatose person in the intensive care unit a safe form of passive mobilization. In addition, the „ServoCycling“ therapy aid can be used while the patient is awake to provide assistive training adapted to the patient‘s condition, even with minimal muscle strength. This leads to a considerable increase in motivation and consent to further rehabilitation. 

The intuitive handling and the user-friendly operation via touch screen enables therapists and nursing staff to use the MOTOmed layson edition very easily.

Scientific studies and research results about the application of the MOTOmed movement therapy in early rehabilitation

  • Burtin C., Clerckx B., Robbeets C., Ferdinande P., Langer D., Troosters T., Hermans G., Decramer M., Gosselink R. (2009). Early exercise in critically ill patients enhances short-term functional recovery. Critical Care Medicine, 37(9), 2499-2505., DOI: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3181a38937

  • Ambrosino N., Janah, N., Vagheggini G. (2011). Physiotherapy in critically ill patients. Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia, 17(6), 283-288., DOI: 10.1016/j.rppneu.2011.06.004

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  • Schaller S., Anstey M., Blobner M., Edrich T., Grabitz S., Gradwohl-Matis I., Heim M., Houle T., Kurth T., Latronico N., Lee J., Meyer M., Peponis T., Talmor D., Velmahos G., Waak K., Walz J., Zafonte R., Eikermann M. (2016). Early, goal-directed mobilization in the surgical intensive care unit: a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet, 388(10052), 1377-88., DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(16)31637-3

  • Kho M. E., Martin R. A., Toonstra A. L., Zanni J. M., Mantheiy E. C., Nelliot A., Needham D. M. (2015). Feasibility and safety of in-bed cycling for physical rehabilitation in the intensive care unit (ICU). Journal of Critical Care, 30(6), 1419., DOI: 10.1016/j.jcrc.2015.07.025

Unit Measurements with expandable chassis: (LWH)

142–155 × 67–105 × 131–166 cm

55.9" - 61" x  26.3"-41.3" x 51.5" - 65.4"

Unit Measurements with parallel chassis: (LWH)

142–155 × 67–97 × 131–166 cm

55.9"- 61" x 26.3"- 38.1" x 51.5" - 65.4"

Unit Weight

Expandable chassis

 98 kg / 216 lbs

Unit Weight

Parallel chassis

92 kg / 203 lbs
Height adjustment (maximum bed height) 105 cm / 41.3"
Chassis height (ground clearance bed) 10 cm / 4"
Maximum User Weight 135 kg / 297 lbs
Screen Size 7“ / 18 cm
Expandable chassis (spread width of guide tracks) (Emin–Emax)

55–93 cm / 21.7" - 36.6"

Parallel chassis (distance between guide tracks) (Pmin–Pmax) 55–85 cm / 21.7" - 33.4"
Power Supply 100-240 V~ / max. 120 VA
Power Frequency 47-63 Hz
Material All-All Metal Construction
SKU / Order Number

with Expandable Chassis: 261.130



Foot Insertion Aid

The insertion aid function facilitates the insertion of the feet into the foot shells before the start of the training. Using a button on the operating panel, the user can move the foot shells continuously into the appropriate position.


If muscle cramp, spasticity or movement blockage (freezing) occurs during training, this function stops the pedal movement. It does not matter how the basic muscle tension changes; the MovementProtector does not remain constant, but automatically adapts to any change. As a result, it always remains optimally sensitive. This function is implemented in all MOTOmed models through a sensitive sensor system.


This function works closely with MovementProtector and can loosen and release detected spasms or cramps. The basis for the development of such a function is the following therapeutic principle: bending spasm is loosened by stretching and stretching spasm by bending. The automatic change of direction of rotation through the SpasmControl program can loosen the cramps detected by the movement protection. If a spasm occurs, the motor gently stops the crank movement. Legs and arms are relieved and the direction of rotation is switched following a brief resting period. This process is repeated until the spasm is relieved.


Similar to a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, the MOTOmed function ServoCycling (leg training) or ServoTurning (arm training) supports users in performing their active movement. The function enables the person exercising to perform an active movement even with the lowest inherent forces. Residual muscle strength can be recognized and built up without overstraining efforts.


The SymmetryTraining function unfolds its beneficial effect when it comes to specifically strengthening the weaker side. The display of the function differs depending on the model. In MOTOmed viva2, MOTOmed gracile12 and MOTOmed letto2 models, a two-scale diagram shows the users how much strength they exert with the left and the right body half. On the MOTOmed muvi as well as the MOTOmed loop edition and MOTOmed layson edition models, this function is displayed with an animated figure. Based on this graphic display, the users can target their "weaker" side of the body during training. SymmetryTraining prevents overloading of the healthy extremities.

Training analysis

All MOTOmed models provide the user with a variety of training feedback. Training values such as duration, distance, symmetry, total metabolic rate, tone, the average and maximum active performance as well as the active and passive training percentage can be viewed by the user on the screen both in real time during the training and as an overall evaluation after the training.

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