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MOTOmed USA Letto2

MOTOmed USA Letto2

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MOTOmed Letto2 (Discontinued)

Replacement model: layson


MOTOmed letto2

For early movilization and in the intensive care

Patients can use the MOTOmed letto2 to train the lower extremities in a passive, motor-assisted, and active mode, from a hospital bed or a therapy chair. The MOTOmed letto2 provides a well-rounded therapy to patients in stationary care. Here the legs from the patients have a safe position. It can also be effectively applied in in-patient use, during the dialysis and in the home care with the MOTOmed movement therapy in supine position. The huge transport roles make the bed model flexible. The spreadable chassis and a heigh adjustment simplify the adaption to beds and therapy chairs. The ground fixation allows a pleasant and fast positioning.  The knee-bending is optimally adaptable with the knee flexion adjustment.